As a book lover i do have a great number of books longing to be read – Fantasy, Sci-fi, romances, huge hardcovers or tiny paperbacks, written in portuguese, english or spanish, short-stories collections or a series single volume, memorable authors or non-remarkable writers.

Some of them were bought a couple of years ago – when i was a different person, with a different perspective or life ideals. As years gone by, my book taste has also changed. I don’t recall being a pink, happy full and naive story lover, but more frequently i long for different stories, with unimaginable twists, reckless beasts, and characters mirroring real world (imperfect, insecure, that do not always take the right decision). Maybe my taste reflects the way I see the world. Who knows?
Nevertheless, I do have acquired a little library of my own. One that is very dear to me – some of her tenants have kept me company, some made me grow or add a different point of view to my thoughts – some are just a shadowy memory of a story in which I can’t perceive my opinion, so ordinary they were.

Today, I woke up, not thinking in my known shelves’ friends, but in those that lay still unread. And I made up a decision – to grab 10 off the shelves in order to read them soon. And strange this seemed, it was not a hard decision at all. Of these ten, none is a real story, only 4 authors are previous known and only 3 are portuguese editions. But given a thought, none of the 7 english books has a portuguese translation. The majority are big HC that I never had the opportunity to read – nice, pleasant but too heavy to walk around.

  • Dan Simmons – The Terror
  • Hunter’s Run – George R R Martin, Gardner Dozois, Daniel Abrahm
  • The SWFA european hall of fame
  • Accelerando – Charles Stross
  • A derrocada da baliverna – dino buzzati
  • River of Gods – Ian McDonald
  • The Etched city – K J Bishop
  • Se numa noite de Inverno um viajante – Italo Calvino
  • A Loucura de Deus – Juan Miguel Aguillera
  • Black Man – Richard Morgan