Estarei aqui nos próximos dias, entre palestras, pedidos de autógrafos e muito mais. Por esse motivo (e por causa das férias) o blogue terá um período de pausa. Aproveito também para informar as palestras das quais farei parte:

The Politics of Horror – Domingo, dia 18 de Agosto, 12:00-12:30

Participantes: F. Brett Cox, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Charles Stross, eu.

Is horror political? Should it be? How do the metaphors of horror map onto social and political concerns? What creators are using horror to engage with the contemporary political climate right now?

Games for Science – Segunda, dia 19 de Agosto, 11:00 -12:50

Participantes: Tom Lehmann, Steve Jackson, Bob, eu.

STEM-inspired games have been growing and getting more popular in recent years, with Pandemic as one of the most well-known examples. Board and video games now cover biology, evolution, and terraforming Mars. We’ll look at the use of science in games and how it can encourage interest in science and engineering game designers and players discuss this trend.