E porque não, variar e passar a uma na secção dos “Não lidos” ? Aqui está ! Para além de aqui estarem uma série de livros da Presença, destacam-se facilmente os The Mammoth Book! Extreme Fantasy, Extreme Science Fiction, Best Short SF Novels, Mindblowing SF, Golden Age Science Fiction, entre outros. No The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction podemos encontrar autores tão diversos quanto Clifford D. Simak, Ian McDonald, Greg Bear ou Cory Doctorow.


Já o The Mammoth Boof of Extreme Fantasy tem histórias de Michael Swanwick, Christopher Priest ou Michael Moorcock.

Entre estes encontram-se livros de colecções e autores diversos como Metropole, de Ferenc Karinthy:

A linguist flying to a conference in Helsinki has landed in a strange city where he can’t understand a word anyone says. As one claustrophobic day follows another, he wonders why no one has found him yet, whether his wife has given him up for dead, and how he’ll get by in this society that looks so familiar, yet is so strange.

In a vision of hell, unlike any previously imagined, Budai must learn to survive in a world where words and meaning are unconnected. This is a suspenseful and haunting Hungarian classic.


Ou The Hotel Under the Sand de Kage Baker, uma autora venvedora e nomeada para diversos prémios:

Nine-year-old Emma is lost at sea in a terrible storm. She awakens on a desolate island, frightened and lonely. Yet brave, quick-witted Emma will not be alone for long, as the ghost of a bellboy appears with the tragic tale of the Grand Wenlocke. More than a century ago, a brilliant inventor built a splendid Victorian resort, the Grand Wenlocke. The hotel was powered by a Difference Engine, a miraculous device that could slow down time (making your vacation just as long as you’d like). But just before it was scheduled to open, the Grand Wenlocke mysteriously sank under the sand. Now the storm that brought Emma to the island has awakened the hotel, perfectly preserved and as incredible as ever. While exploring the magical hotel, Emma encounters a kind-hearted cook and her faithful little dog, a seemingly fearsome pirate captain, and the imperious young heir to the Wenlocke fortune (should it ever be recovered). Adventure, friendship, peril, and perhaps even treasure–all these and more await Emma at the hotel under the sand.


Ou ainda, Distant Early Warnings (Canada’s Best Science Fiction):

On a per capita basis, Canada has more world-class science-fiction writers than any country on Earth. Collected here are the best recent works by Hugo Award winners Spider Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, and Robert Charles Wilson, Hugo nominees Paddy Forde, James Alan Gardner, Nalo Hopkinson, and Peter Watts, and Aurora Award winners Julie E. Czerneda and Karl Schroeder – 14 advance reports of wonders and dangers yet to come.